Listed below are a few of the many students I have had the pleasure of teaching who have taken their talent to the professional level.

Watch the video of "Mike Reid" one of my previous students, performing live on American Idol with Demi Levato
Jon Theodore is currently the drummer for Queens of the Stone Age. They performed at the 2014 Grammy Awards.
Perhaps better known as the drummer for the "House Band" on the Rockstar TV show (Rockstar INXS & Rockstar Supernova) Nate Morton has compiled quite an impressive resume.  Nate is currently touring with Cher as well as the Bonnie Hunt Show and TV show The Voice

Drummer for "Lake Trout" who has toured with The Flaming Lips, Editors and The Pixies, Mike Lowry's style has earned him a solid position in the music world. Mike is currently touring with Future Island

Jon Theodore is a  former member of  The Mars Volta. Best known for his bombastic, multi-textural and dynamic playing style, he has fast become recognized as one of the most talented and creative drummers in mainstream music. Jon is currently touring with Queens of the Stone Age.

Versatile drummer Dan Garvin has performed with SR71 & Nine Days.
Drummer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Evan Taubenfeld has played with Avril Lavigne for several years and has recently released his solo CD.

Tyler Minsberg is an original member of Dangerous Summer

Dangerous Summer music is featured in the movie Bounty Hunter.

Garrett Henritz is a member of the band Fol-Chen.

Frank Young is currently performing with guitar phenom Carl Filipiak
Mike Reid is currently touring with Demi Levato and Rihanna

Bill Bachman Nashville Performer and Instructor. Columnist for Modern drummer Magazine.
Matt Halpern has been featured in Modern Drummer Magazine and he is currently performing with Perifery

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